Saturday, February 13, 2016

Artwork: Lost Songs of the Nibelungs (Gallery of Ideas)

I originally planned to post something else, but then I got mail with the new concept art for the LSotN character sheet, saw it and thought "Damn, I gotta post this!" or something down that road. While I'm at it, I'd like to share some more things I've been working on. There's a lot more working behind the scenes than is happening at the blog right now. Anyway, here we go ...

New artwork for LSotN (concepts and ideas)

Feast yer eyes, me laddies! [original artwork by Vincent Leppert]
That's from the guy illustrating the book and I'm really lucky to get talent like this interested in this little Frankenclone of mine. Here's more:
WIP of a Roman aqueduct [by Vincent Leppert]
WIP of a combat scene for the rules [Vincent Leppert again]
Those are pretty clean, as you'd expect from vector graphics. Second stage (for the interior art, not the character sheet) is giving all that the feel of some old book illustrations. It'll look a bit like this in the end:

Vincent's sketch book ...
Again, it's not finished but it's all on a good way. I need to start with some work on the layout soon and there will be more posts like this in the (near?) future!

And some stuff by me at the end ...

What I got for now are some new ideas for the cover artwork. It's not as good as the stuff I get from Vincent, but here we go anyway. This is how the booklets for LSotN will look like for the pdfs (also WIP):

Covers I and IV will look like this. My main problem right now is deciding if the OSR sign should be on there, too. I'd like to have it (since it's the flag I rise here on the blog and all), but I'm not sure if the game would be recognized as OSR, as I really took a hard turn away from D&D and friends here. But that's maybe for another post (if you, gentle reader, have an opinion on the matter, please share it in the comments!).

That's it for now. Writing a game for publication is a long process, with lots of twists and turns, but it really feels like Lost Songs is getting somewhere, piece by piece (even started the play tests again, this time completely within the setting and it's looking good).

Opinions and feedback are, as always, very welcome. 


  1. Should there be more boxes for the buffer just incase someone takes the option what increases their buffer?

    1. I'll be damned :) You are right, of course! Vincent won't like it one bit ... But I think it's part of the process. I also think that we will end up having the magic dice on that sheet, too. Somewhere. There is nothing harder than making one of those stupid things. Nothing, other than making level advancement work, that is :P But I like what he did here anyway. Well, there is more. I recently started to reflect about keeping this whole thing about how buffered or hurt a character is, totally in the hands of the DM, giving the players just the information what status the character has (buffered or hurt, that is). Always streamlining ...


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