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1. Monkey Business (link)

Drug trafficking monkeys with guns and ninjas and tanks, a jungle at war and lots of toys to play with, completely with an Edgar Rice Burroughs vibe and all the gonzo I could cram into it ...
Here's what friends and neighbors say:

“I dig its arcade approach to Edgar Rice Burroughs jungle fantasy!” (Gorgonmilk)

"I took a small peek into the PDF and I like what I saw. You want this." (Sophia Brandt)

“This is balls to the walls gonzo done with an even old school lethality & a dangerous balance.” (Eric Fabiaschi, with a whole review on his blog!)

"I was lucky enough to have a prerelease look at this adventure and it is chock full of fun." (Eric Nieudan) 

"I got the chance to check this out over the weekend. Jens D.​ delivers the goods! If you're like me and ape men, stoner shroom dudes and a jungle filled with cannibal tribes are your thing, jump on this." (Adam Muszkiewicz)

What you get is a very gonzo procedural junglecrawl with enough material to make it a campaign. Have fun!

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2. Bare-Knuckle Fighter (Download)

The origin story of the combat system for Lost Songs of the Nibelungs (the OSR Frankenclone I'm writing right now).

A complete little game with an expansion for pub brawls right here. In dire need of a revision, I'm afraid, but there it is, warts and all.

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3. The Anthropomorphic Character-Generator (Download)

With just one roll of 2d10, consulting this tables will give 4 different results, combining aspects of an animal, it's size, it's alignment and it's character.

It's also gives some indications how size could influence Strength (complete evaluation with examples can be found down below).

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4. Random Encounter Status (Download)

A die drop chart. Drop a d20 on the paper and interpret the result according to the circumstances.

Includes modifiers for group behavior.

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5. Combat Strength Evaluation Sheet (Download)

Some ideas the basic strength creatures might have in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia and the damage they should be able to do because of it.

Includes explanation and examples.

The bare bones version of this is also on the Anthropomorphic Creature Generator posted above.

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