I'll try and create a hub for those "old", hidden or lost games and materials, see if they are still around and where to get them. I might be in over my head here ...

What you'll find here

I'm not trying to explain what the OSR is here and in general this will be about old(-er) games that still produce free material or new games inspired by the origins of the hobby. Main criteria are that they fit the descriptions above, that there is a pdf of them online available and that they are for free. If I have an opinion on the item, I'll share it in the posts linked as Part 1, 2 (and so on).

I imagine this will remain incomplete and a work in progress, but that's the nature of the beast. It's also arbitrary and not in chronological order.

It's furthermore important to mention that there are other blogs and sites around that share similar collections. Some are still active, but others are quite old right now or just not up to date. If I find them or know about them, I'll post them below (as soon as I did that). So here it goes, free OSR stuff of yore ...

Free OSR Items from Part 1
Free OSR Items from Part 2

Other Collections:

1. The Taxidermic Owlbear's Collection of D&D Retroclones (not all of them free, but many, many are)

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