Friday, May 23, 2014

Just to get this out of the way ... (and share a free game!)

This blog isn't done yet. It's just snoozing. I'm writing this now so I can just jump right into writing about The Game again in the near future.

I'm fully aware that this isn't worth a post so far, so I thought I'd share a link to a game I found out about a few months ago:

Here is a link to the free pdf.

The Roleplaying Game of Egregious and Repulsive Bloodshed

By none other than Greg Costikyan aka Designer X aka author of famous roleplaying games as Toon, Star Wars (1987) and Paranoia. Violence is is the public domain, so it's a free pdf.

It's a clever little game and a fun read. I wanted to write a review about it for some time now (might still do it) and I just know that I'll give it a shot at the table at some point in the future. Think about it as D&D, just not in a fantasy setting but in today's world (comparisons to the GTA series are obvious, I guess).

Have fun!