Friday, November 20, 2015

Lost Songs of the Nibelungs - Codex Ludi (early beta)

I've been approaching this like a drunk sailor so far, going back and forth, bubbling ominous words here and there and generally meandering around. There is a point where one needs to stop worrying and just jump into the cold water ...

So without further ado I present thee the first step of my evil plan to publish my very own role playing game:

Clicking on the picture will also lead to the pdf ...
This is a no art, no fluff, no layout version of the basic rules (including combat) and character generation. That's why I'd still say it is a beta. There are updated character sheets in the back and the rules presented here are all tested and work. It's mainly to give all interested an idea how that game is going to be and should help getting players up to speed for the play-tests I'm going to offer on a regular basis from now on.

Combat might come off as a bit vague, but it is definitely enough for the games I'm DMing and for those giving it a spin using the rules presented here, just follow the main procedures and you will see how it is supposed to work. If not, ask me. I will try and answer all questions as fast as possible.

There will be 3 more booklets like this before the game is complete: the Codex Historia (with level advancement, description of the game's terms and the seasonal aspects of the game), the Codex Maleficium (about using magic and wonders, with spell lists et cetera) and the Codex Creare (about DM procedures).

Further notes on using this as it is right now

Again, this is a beta version. You will be able to get some level zero game out of this. There will be a post about level advancement here on the blog soon (the rules are already written and tested), that should allow playing beyond level zero (and I will provide a pdf additionally to the post). But there is plenty of game right there as it is.

Combat is quite different than in other games, so if what this document describes leaves you scratching your head in wonder, you might wanna check here for further descriptions of it. There might be some slight changes towards the version in the pdf (Rage Die, for instance, replaces all rules for using the Endurance in the game), but in its broad strokes it's very much what is described in the book and comes with examples, conversion rules and the combat wheel! Or you take a look at this newer (but shorter) post for more of the same.

But please, start with the pdf and go from there down the rabbit hole. Feedback will be very welcome, of course.

Shit, now I'm nervous ...


  1. It's been a while since I've been involved with blogs or D&D so I can't recall if I told you this when I first read about LSoN but I think it's a great idea and looks like it has a lot of promise!

    If you ever need any assistance or an extra playtester let me know. I always enjoy reading what you write.

    1. Thanks, Van Noa! I really appreciate that :) As for the play testing/help: I have two face to face groups right now testing the game and aspects of the world and I am at a point right now where I need to revision that beta to completion and get the next book in the series out there before anything else. So I won't start an online game soon as all of this is already a lot (but will do so eventually). That being said, what I could need right now is people DMing and testing the game on their own. I remember that you'd been writing your own game, so I don't know if you are willing or if you have the time, but that's what I could need the most right now :)

      Would come with as much direct support as possible, of course, with an updated version of the rules first ...

    2. Hey Jens, I'm glad you remembered! I actually had March as a milestone date for the game I'm writing but with 14 hour shifts it looks like it's going to be hard to meet. With any luck though I'll have a quick-start one page starter before April!

      So while I don't have a whole lot of time to playtest games I can certainly give your a book a once over, but that feedback may take me a month or so.

      You can reach me at


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