Friday, April 17, 2015

Lost Songs of the Nibelungs Character Sheet (beta version)

A functional character sheet for Lost Songs of the Nibelungs was very high on my to-do list since we play again end of next week and testing what needs to be where and why and henceforth is essential. So I wouldn't say this is the final design or the final layout, but it's what the players will get the next time we play on that lost island:

I used inkscape for this, the images are DP and
the composition is by yours truly. PDF will follow.
The only thing that definitely needs altering is the magic part. As you can see, it will be somewhat similar to combat. At least in as much as 3d6 are rolled and distributed. It's a bit vague right now, but in my head the system will allow a character to channel magic (by rolling 3d6) but he'll need to focus and dismiss some of it to not ... I don't know ... explode? Anyway, so on lower levels the problem is not the mana that's not available, but the difficulty to manage what you got. Triples and doubles could mean surges of energy ... Sorry, digressing here.

Anyway, this is Lost Songs on a character sheet. This should be all a player needs to keep track of all the information he's likely to keep. We'll see if it holds in play testing :)

There'll be a pdf at some point in the future.

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