Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Thief (Reskinning Classes: Part 2)

It's about time...

...someone inspires me to finish my thoughts on the Thief (and reskin it like the MU some time ago...). With all this writing about it, -C finally hits a sweet spot for me in (basically) handling the Thief abilities like Weapon Mastery in the Rules Cyclopedia. Wuhu! It's genius! Let's reskin the Thief.

(funny pic to emphasize how I feel about this)
Basic assumptions for The Game.

In game terms I found it always somewhat unrealistic that Thieves have no access to magic other than using magic items and scrolls at some point, but have no problems handling magic traps. There are just no other connectors. So using this in our game Thieves are able to cast spells with a quarter of the abilities a MU has and more oriented on physical spells like spider climb or jumping (other spells need more Mana). Works out fine so far.

With a skill system in charge, using Thief Skills as they are presented in D&D is not very ideal. On the other hand using the system presented as Weapon Mastery in the Rules Cyclopedia to enhance existing skills for the Thief is just what I was looking for to make this work.

Skill Mastery:

  • The abilities/skills a Thief has access to are: Backstab (melee), Backstab (ranged), Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth (moving, hiding, keeping a low profile or doing something like picking a lock in total silence...) and Sabotage.
  • Using the skill system of the Rules Cyclopedia, every class has access to other skills. So skills like Disguise or Alchemy are, too, relevant for Skill Mastery.
  • At character creation a player may now choose (like with Weapon Mastery) 4 of those abilities/skills for Skill Mastery.
  • Basic Skill Mastery is one additional D6 either for the skill check or for backstab damage.
  • Every 3 levels a Thief gets one more point Skill Mastery to distribute.
  • Progression is: Basic +1D6, Skilled +1D8, Expert +1D10, Master +1D12 and Grand Master +1D20.
  • Echo applies.

Thief reskinned*:

  1. Take the Thief as written.
  2. Divide ability to Backstab.
  3. Divide Thief Skills.
  4. Add Skill Mastery (this includes Backstab again).
  5. Add 4 skills (Acrobatics, Sabotage, Sleight of Hand and Stealth in my case).
  6. Add ability to cast spells (like 1/4 MU, first spells at Level 4).

New xp value to reach level 2: 1600 xp

List for spell level 1 (proposal, 1D10 for random pleasure):
  1. Affect Normal Fires 
  2. Audible Glamour 
  3. Change Self 
  4. Charm Person 
  5. Comprehend Languages* 
  6. Dancing Lights 
  7. Featherfall 
  8. Jump 
  9. Sleep 
  10. Spider Climb
This is it. I think it is highly compatible with the Rules Cyclopedia and any hack close enough to that.

*Again using this pearl of wisdom.

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