Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Disoriented Ranger talks: Gaming Culture (Blog Anthlogy 1)

Yes, this just happened. Something I had announced just got published over at OBS, just a little differently to what I'd thought would happen: we are still celebrating the 10 year blog anniversary. Somewhat. I'll give you the tour ...

It'd make one book, he said!

If you have been around in the last 10 years, you know I didn't write many posts. But when I did, it'd often end up being something lengthy. I like it that way and if you dare to look, there's a lot to look at (and not all of it looking back, ha!). So I scanned what I'd done in the last 10 years, collected all of it, sorted what I'd like to see collected, started compiling what I thought would be the first chapter ... and ended up with 130 pages for that alone, with five more to go.

So I stopped and thought: that'd make a nice pdf for a start of a small series.

Next I had to go deep, see if it holds as a standalone. It is the most general of the six collections, and talking "gaming culture" can be a bit tricky, so caution came natural. After going through this carefully, I think we are good here. I talk commercialisation, community work, social aspects of it all, some econimics, some talk about publishing. Always highlighting some aspect that interested me at the time, but altogether quite a lot to think about, I guess.

Next was layout and some light editing. Now this exists, with the rest well prepared and ready to bounce.

Find it here!
Why bother?

Well, if you ask yourself that question right now, I probably shouldn't try and convince you. So I won't. In my mind this was always something I did for me. I put ten years into this blog, and it's only a little extra work to make the transfer to another medium (pdf) and only a little bit more beyond that to get a PoD. And I really want that book. Or rather, those books (as there will be two now!).

Who knows what the internet will be in ten years from now? Or whenever my kids will be able to read it? We don't know. As a matter of fact, having something in print seems to be a good option right now.

It also always bothered me that old posts are only read by spam bots. So there is that. Having the texts compiled the way I did, allows a different approach to the topics I discussed and allows for different context. I didn't organize those posts chronologically, I went for something more cohesive, hoping the sum of the parts create surplus value. We'll see.

For now, I'm happy this first step is done. I hope you'll enjoy this first compilation. And if you are a long-time reader, there's no better way to show me appreciation for my work here by checking this title out and giving it some love. Goes for all, of course :)

What's to come

You might have wondered. I'm still very close to finishing writing on be67 ... that'll need some editing and layout after that (hopefully all happening this month). Art is in the works. We are good there. It'll be summer, but the pdf will be out asap. PoD would be great for July. I'm working it.

On the side I'll keep doing the anthologies. Here are the other parts:

  • Part 2: D&D and the OSR
  • Part 3: Musings about DMing
  • Part 4: Storytelling Advice
  • Part 5: DIY & Gamedesign
  • Part 6: Theories in Action

I guess I can manage a new one each month ... Then I have to start getting real about that module THE RISE OF ROBO-HITLER. Everything is in place for it and I should get started properly about it in August, aiming for a December publication. Some blogging as well, I guess (that second part about player motivation will be up next week, I hope!). And I've got a couple of other surprises down my sleeve.

We'll be busy here at Disoriented Ranger Publising!

I'll also offer some one shots on roll20. Probably via MeWe? But if here's interest, just drop me a comment and I will keep you informed.

Feels like a new chapter?

Well, it is, in a sense, a logical step to publish some more, especially when I get an opportunity to actually make all of this happen. It's been coming a long time, too. And I still need to write and publish Lost Songs of the Nibelungs (but that I want to be the best I can make, and there's still some way to go for that).

I'll give it all my best shot and I hope you all are along for the ride.

Check out that book, it's just a buck and good readin', too.


  1. I'm buying a copy of this. Travelling and this should be good reading in the drab, souless hotel I will be at later tonight.

    1. I just saw that comment of yours (hate it when that happens ... damn google!). Thanks a lot, Jay! I hope it gave you some joy :)


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