Monday, September 6, 2021

Announcing THE RISE OF ROBO-HITLER (and how to stop him)

Some might have heard rumors, some saw the signs here on the blog, some had been warned back in the day on g+ ... This is going to happen now, folks. Or rather: it is happening already for a long time and now we are playing it and artwork is being drawn and level-design is (almost) done ... we are way beyond the point of no return. It'll be just as gonzo and wild as people know from Monkey Business. So far it's one hell of a trip and, well, let's say, going places. #bunkersploitation

Daniel has been trying his pen a bit on some of the ideas I threw his way and we decided to use it for the first official announcement. Behold:

This tells a lot on one side, but not much on the other, so here's the pitch:

It's the year 1967 when US intelligence agencies discover a bunker full of Nazis deep in the Austrian Alps. They seem to be working on something monumental. Something that will change the face of earth, if it comes to pass. So world governments throw their ressources together to send a rag-tag team of professionals to face the unbelievable darkness that brews deep down in this bunker full of bogey men (and women) from a past thought overcome. This module will feature Lizard-Men!, Mutants!, Dark Science!, lots of Nazi cannon-fodder!, uncanny robotics! AND - of course - the titular ROBO-HITLER!!1!

- includes all the gore you can imagine -

This will be crazy-grindhouse fun and huge. Four levels with sub-levels, new monsters and items your wizard shouldn't own and morale dilemmas (maybe). Definitely lots of action and bombs and gunplay. We have way too much fun playing this (and I hope that will translate). It'll also feature additional rules to tweak Labyrinth Lord towards more of a grindhouse experience. It'll be called be67 (or "The be67 Supplement") and I've already given the tour for that here on the blog (looky here, for starters).

Expect more details in the very near future :)

Needs a revision, but here we go ...

Oh, and of course you stop him by playing this. Hehe

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