Monday, May 22, 2017

It's all Monkey Business! (now with the new new)

Drug trafficking monkeys with guns and ninjas and tanks, a jungle at war and lots of toys to play with, completely with an Edgar Rice Burroughs vibe and all the gonzo I could cram into it ... you guessed it, this is another plug for the module I published 3 weeks ago: Monkey Business. That and quotes and a review and a couple of words what is in store next.

Get it here! It's PWYW, too ...

Here is what nice people in the community said about Monkey Business:

“I dig its arcade approach to Edgar Rice Burroughs jungle fantasy!” (Gorgonmilk)

"I took a small peek into the PDF and I like what I saw. You want this." (Sophia Brandt)

“This is balls to the walls gonzo done with an even old school lethality & a dangerous balance.” (Eric Fabiaschi, with a whole review on his blog!)

"I was lucky enough to have a prerelease look at this adventure and it is chock full of fun." (Eric Nieudan) 

"I got the chance to check this out over the weekend. Jens D.​ delivers the goods! If you're like me and ape men, stoner shroom dudes and a jungle filled with cannibal tribes are your thing, jump on this." (Adam Muszkiewicz)

"Are you looking for some Gonzo Jungle Action featuring Drug Dealing Apes and Tarzan, the King of Slackers? I'm happy to pitch Monkey Business your way. Jens D. is a wonderful writer, and even if you never play this game, its really entertaining to read. And who knows ... you might just slip this into your campaign one crazy night when everyone is looking bored. :)" (Vb Wyrde)

"Jens took the idea of a module and went deeper. Delivering a product that is fun, irreverent, and a bit gonzo, but also useful. It's full tools built for any GM who may want to set up a jungle hex crawl adventure. The author put in a lot of work making sure a GM could use the whole product or any part of it to run anything from a one session wacky adventure to a whole jungle based campaign." (Mark van Vlack in a non-review on his blog)

Thanks to all of you! +Greg Gorgonmilk+Sophia Brandt+Eric Fabiaschi+Eric Nieudan+Adam Muszkiewicz+Vb Wyrde and +Mark Van Vlack (and while you are at it, follow those guys, if you don't already).


MB even got featured in an OSR Circular. And in very good company, I might add. Looky here:

Made me happy :) [source]

I already got asked by a friend where he has to give his soul now ...


So the first one is, obviously, that I'm working on the print version. Needs time, as always, because: busy irl. But it'll happen, maybe I'll get the proofs ordered next weekend. We'll see. I want this in dead tree form. I really do.

Then I really got to say that writing this thing was loads of fun. I had to power through the whole dtp stuff, but now that it is done, I'm happy with the result. So I want to do more of the same. I'm already planning the next module. Working title so far is Murder In The Hole! and it'll be a murder mystery procedural ... more on that when I get there.

I want to tackle some bigger things while I'm at it. I know I am slow, but at least I keep that stuff in sight ... And now that Mark van Vlack agreed to collaborate with me, I think I will take another look at The Goblin-Tribe Simulator board game. But that'll need some play testing and what not, so don't hold your breath (always a bad idea here, btw).

I'm confident I can get it all done, some of it maybe even this year! I already managed to get one thing out there, chances are I'll manage again ...

The icing on the cake will be Lost Songs of the Nibelungs, of course. And if any of you remember The Grind, that'll happen too, eventually.

Thank you all for the support. If you haven't seen Monkey Business yet, please check it out. And if you have an opinion about it, feel free to share!

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