Friday, September 9, 2016

Ape Men for the D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Monkey Business Extra 1)

Not much time right now, but still, some signs of life might be a good idea and since I'm working hard to get Monkey Business out there into hands, I thought it best to combine the two and give you some new classes for your D&D Rules Cyclopedia/Labyrinth Lord games. They were a byproduct of writing Monkey Business and will have a home there, too. Here is the first:

The Gorilla

Something like a large barbarian light. Tough, thick skin, prone to violence and rage in battle, very relaxed about everything else. That'd be a gorilla for you. They don't wear metal armor, but have no problems with bone or even stone armor. They can use every weapon, but prefer the blunt variant. The huge blunt variant, to be precise. Add their natural armor to this and those guys are really a force to be reckoned with. Get them up the evolutionary ladder a step or two and you also get something worth playing ...

They are not very fast and move like humans.

Prime Requisites: Strength and Constitution

Experience Bonus: 5% for STR or CON higher than 12, 10% for STR and CON higher than 12

Hit Dice: 1d12 per level up to 9th level.

Maximum Level: 9

Armor: No metal armor, shields permitted

Weapon: Any (prefers blunt)

Combat Progression: like Cleric

Weapon Mastery (if you use that): demi-human

Saves as: Dwarf

Fantastic gorilla art by a Miroslav Petrov [source]
Special Abilities: GOING APE! (+[level] to damage and attack, +1 HP/level for CON/2 + [level] rounds and [level] per day, save vs. spells to end or avoid an unvoluntary rage), GOING LARGE! (Counts as large with all the benefits and drawbacks that come with that, may use large weapons with one hand) and THICK! (natural armor bonus of 2 due to thick skin and fur)

Gorilla Experience Table
Level   XP 
1       0
2       1.500  
3       3.000
4       6.000    
5      10.000  
6      20.000
7      40.000
8      80.000
9     160.000
And that's that for now. There'll be some additional rules for using this with Monkey Business (they need drugs to stay on the sentient side of things). Next up will be Chimpanzees (some time next week, I think).

Maybe I'll be able to write another piece the coming weekend.

I used Building The Perfect Class for this and you should, too ...


  1. Great - and Chimpanzees next! Will we see Orang-Utans too?

    1. As a matter of fact, they'll be at least in the module! But I'll most likely post them here, too :-)


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