Sunday, February 2, 2014

[D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop] Day 1: Once Upon A Time At A Convention ...

Cutting the first one a bit close, but here I am. Where I'm sitting it's still before midnight. Again it's about a convention. But this time with some fond memories. Good times had been had. Let's get this started!

The first person who introduced me to D&D, what edition had it been and what had been my first character.

It was at my first visit of a local convention. I must have been 19. I already had some experience as a DM but didn't yet have the courage to offer my own game to strangers. We were there to play and learn about new systems, so that was what we did.

At the time I've only heard stories about D&D (and few at that). As far as I'm aware (it has been at least 14 years ago now ...) I knew D&D was the first role playing game, nothing more.

Anyway, a big table was offered with a mid-level game. Those guys had been older than me (four years, if I remember correctly) and that was quite intimidating. Older meant more experienced and they sure as hell did show the appropriate attitude.

Anyway, we wanted to play, so we had to prove ourselves. We sat there for at least 15 hours. Most of it had been making a character, eating and waiting. It had been AD&D and that game was slow! But fun was had nonetheless.

I only remember a few bits of the adventure itself, but my first character had been a level 6 (?) halfling. The adventure had been about a tournament and some dark power (a succubus) manipulating some Lord.

My first Big Bad D&D Monster ...
I know we fought that beastie in the end and I had been lucky enough to survive. I also remember a scene where my character tried to steal a sausage from a dwarf (another PC, the characters didn't know each other at the time) and failed. Other than that it was the sensation to come out of this with an invitation to join again if we were to attend the next year that what stayed with me.

Now that I think about it I realize how much has changed since then. D&D had been huge at the time, now it's either the Next Best Edition or considered a relic (at least where I live). Anyway, we sure as hell sat at that same table a year later ...

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  1. It's still before midnight at d20 Dark Ages, so it counts. ;)

    1. Very good! Thanks :) The next one is out already and I'll try to keep that rhythm.


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