Friday, September 20, 2013

Food for thought...


It is a wondrous combination of dice. Today I just realized that one roll with 2d10 produces at least 3 different results without changing anything but the way how they relate.

Let me illustrate. Say we have a black and a white d10. For all further assumptions the black die is the leading one. With a roll of 3 (black) and 7 (white) we get the following results:
  • 1d100 = 37
  • 2d10 = 10 (with a bell curve, too)
  • d20 (here even results with the leading die need to produce results below 10, uneven those with above 10) = 17

Three numbers with just one roll! I already have an idea how to use this. Even started working on it. As a little teaser, I'd say D&D could look like this:

Just think about it [source]
Or this:
Or something like this! [donjon]

More tomorrow.


  1. Or, you know, you could have it produce 5 results. You have just rolled d10-d10, so you also get 4 and -4 depending on which die is the leading one.
    If that gives you more ideas, so much the better.

  2. You're right, of course. A sixth would be to see the two results separate. And yes, it gave me another idea. Thanks!


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