Tuesday, September 10, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 10

Has it already been 10 of those?! And this is a tough one, too! The question is:

What's the craziest thing I've seen
happening in the game?

I couldn't remember anything really crazy up until now. Funny and weird I could manage, even scary is possible. But outright crazy is difficult. Well, it's a challenge, after all, so let's get at it....

This was during a convention. I DMed a Samurai game* using HackMaster 4E as the game engine of choice (it worked rather well with what I know about Japanese culture (which isn't that much, I have to admit), the honor system was suitable and the hp-kicker complimented the fact that they had samurai swords but no armor- anyway, I'm digressing...).

I can't remember the specifics of the adventure (I know the characters were all Samurai and had reason to travel on one of the main roads to the capital. I think their fates might have been connected to some Ronin and they had to confront them for one reason or another). Anyway, they were sitting in a road-side tavern and were mocked by some shady characters and one had already lost honor in the process. More loss of honor was at stake, but drawing a sword first had various implications other than being very deadly.

So I had managed to get them into a pickle. They had to defend/regain their honor, but they couldn't just attack the culprits. Also: they were outnumbered (of course). There are non-violent solutions to regain honor in HackMaster. One of them was a skill called the "Manu Weasel Dance" aka "Showing Yer Ass Dance". It does exactly that. You show your ass to the enemy (AC 10) for at least one combat round and you drain them for 1d10 honor points and regain half of that in the process. If you get hit while being exposed, you loose face (-1d10 honor points).

The one guy who had already lost some honor, decided to go for that. His chances of success were slim and he asked what he could do to improve them. You sometimes get bystanders at convention games and I had one at this table. Hearing the specifics of the skill, he suggested (jokingly, I might add) the player could "play it out" to get a bonus...

The player (a total stranger to me, by the way) liked that idea very much. Hell, the whole table liked the idea very much. At that point I was pretty sure he wouldn't do it if I made it difficult enough. I mean, we weren't drunk or anything. This was at a convention, it was a more or less public place. There were no excuses for something like that, right?

So we began discussing terms. A small crowd was already gathering around us. I kid you not. People need a good show every now and then. I ruled, if he was to do this, he needs to do it for at least a minute to get a bonus. I still didn't believe he'd go all the way with it.

It turned out to be some very embarrassing 60 seconds. Really, he even shook it...

*The basic premise was that Elves ruled this small continent (maybe as big as Australia). They had a Forbidden City in the Capital and were considered the most holy subjects by everyone else but the Dwarves and some rebels. People went as far as copying what they perceived as the elven way of life. The result was (in fashion, philosophy and life style) very similar to Japanese culture during the time of the Samurai. I mixed it with fantasy tropes, a bit Wuxia, Daoism and Chinese culture for good measure and had a Samurai game going...

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