Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Anthropomorphic Character-Generator for D&D and Variants (a 2d10 idea)

I talked about this yesterday. The best DM-tools do several things at once. In this regard I belief a roll with 2d10 is far superior to all the other dice combinations. Think about it, you got d100, d10 minus d10, d10 plus d10 and d20. 4 independent results with just one roll. I like that very much...

But what to do with such a thing?

Originally I wanted an easy tool for a character generation resulting in anthropomorphic animals. I did that (see below), but soon realized, if handled right, there is a whole set of uses beyond that: more complex Random Encounters, Random Hex-Field Generators, buildings... you name it. It's really easy enough customized.

Here is what I did with it (so far):

I'll do a pdf if there is any demand at all for it (blank is also possible...).
You could do an entirely new campaign with this or just a strange episode of the regular campaign. Could be good for games with kids, because it uses tropes that might be familiar (Kung Fu Panda, etc.). Or it might be used as a Monster-Generator. One even might give it another flavor by changing the animals. Whatever, have fun with this (and let me know, if you do...)! If used for character generation, just let the players choose a class after rolling the 2d10.

It should be compatible with most D&D variants...

Comments would be very welcome, of course. If there are any mistakes, I'd change it asap.


9 (black, leading die)
4 (white)

Results in

A medium sized (random, uneven, high = 9, 4),
serene (uneven, 10 + 4 = +1 WIS) dog-man (9 + 4 = 13)
of chaotic alignment (4 - 9 = -5)

His Strength would be the next roll (3d6 + 4) and would have been 10. every result over 16 would have reduced the other ability scores by the balance ("18" would have meant -2 to one or two of the other ability scores...).


  1. 3 and a 4, large serene rabbit, neutral. I think I just rolled up Harvey.

  2. A PDF of this would be most appreciated!

  3. Thanks, guys! A pdf is now available on my Free Stuff page above.


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