Tuesday, September 3, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 3

The Question:
What's my favorite playable class?

Like yesterday I have to admit I have no favorite. They all have some charm. In the past, if I had the chance, I mostly played some sort of trickster (a bard, a thief, a m-u/thief, stuff like that) because I like versatility. Consequently my favorite playable class should be [pause for effect, drum roll]:

The Charlatan

A sub-class presented in HackMaster's The Griftmaster's Guide to Life's Wildest Dreams: The Fast Track to Riches and Infamy, a reference book for thieves. With this class you could copy class effects a character had witnessed or trained and build a character with a combination of all the abilities you could possibly want. A sneaky backstabbing Cavalier, wielding Fire Balls, with berserker rage and the ability to command undead? Done.

Needs many xp to advance in level and is (arguably) a very difficult class to play, but at the same time as diverse as they get (without all the crunch associated with 3E, Hackmaster is good that way). Here's the cover of the supplement:
The art compliments the game. AD&D on steroids...

Other than that 3E helped me realize one thing. You don't need all those prestige classes and special abilities. Not the rules for them anyway. Your Older Edition Of Choice was already perfectly capable of doing that. In the end, class is not that relevant.

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  1. Too true.

    One of the things that I've noticed about 3rd edition is that a lot of times prestige classes and the like are nothing more than page filler. It's one of the more annoying aspects of the edition.


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