Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 30 - Best DM I've ever had (D&D 30 Day Challenge)

The best DM I've ever had was the one leaving a lasting impression on me. It was at least 16 years ago at a convention. It was our first time at a convention and we were eager to play some new games, so we looked for open seats and were lucky to join a Runequest game.

Buddha in a lotus position.
After making new characters (I made a halfling, don't blame for it, my buddy made a barbarian), we started playing. And had a blast. The DM was a fantastic story teller. He was a thin guy with long hair and was sitting on a bench in a lotus position. Not that it was a spiritual experience, but he was very relaxed and in control. He never checked the rules and it all came very natural. System mastery had been an ideal for me ever since.

Whatever we wanted to do, we could try and it became part of the story. If it was stupid, it had consequences. But we always got the impression that even some questionable calls from our side of the table just gave more opportunities for playing the game, never a dead end.

I have no exact recollection of the story he had told, only some faint memories, but that's more than I can say from other games I participated in. What I will always carry with me, though, was the impression of a perfect DM. Never saw the guy again...


And thus ends the 30 Day Challenge. I'm glad I went through with it. The questions weren't that good at times and it made me doubt my decision to join at a few occasions. But I've discovered some interesting blogs on the way and all the participants I followed did an excellent job with it.

So I'd have to say, it was fun and I hope some of my contributions were as entertaining as those of the others.

But now for something completely different...


  1. lotus

    this recollection of yours inspired me a lot. I think there ARE perfect dm's scattered somewhere, truly inspired the meantime all we can do is trying to learn from others (i always try to improve myself participating at other tables as a player, so that i can see with my own eyes how others do their job of dungeon mastering and if they differ a lot from my style)

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Love your stuff, by the way :-)

      Yeah, the picture never left me and I, too, found his way of handling the game very inspiring. Sometimes I ask myself what it really needs to be a good DM, but as a topic it's very difficult at best, mainly because there is nobody important enough in the hobby to make a lasting standard ...


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