Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I will release a dungeon crawl early next year ...

My last post this year is ... an announcement and a teaser! I wrote fun-house dungeon crawler over Christmas and because I don't like to be set on anything but what happens at the table, I randomized the whole thing using the 2d10 idea you might (or might not) know from here, even included a Drop Die Table for good measure, ending up with one sweet roll for 6 results (from room size to contents, with random encounters, doors, features and former purpose). Here is a teaser of the structure:

Open in new tab for more detail ... Inkscape helped me do it!
I don't know if this will amount to a megadungeon, but there are potentially over 320 rooms in this thing (that's the average).

I won't give you the whole thing, though, only the random tools to build it and the backstory to make it work. It will be system agnostic and (most likely) not more than 10 pages. It is written, it is tested, I just need to clean it's nose and put it out there. Which should be one of the first things I post in the new year.

This will be free and weird.

In a way it's a summary of what I started to do this year and intent to finish next year. Remains to wish you all a nice and smooth transition into the coming year. I hope 2016 will be as awesome as 2015 turned out to be so far and wish you all the best!



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