Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Happy (Lovecraftian) Christmas to you all

It is the season to wish you all a good time and some merry gaming (if you can get it during those stressful times). I'm gonna kill some players test The Kraken and the Mines of the Screaming Stones (always good to have a catchy title, right?),something I desperately threw together yesterday to get some gaming going. I'll go for weird and tentacles :)

But I promised some Lovecraftian cheer, so have a nice carpe diem poem from one of HP's stories I thought rather fitting (from The Tomb):
Come hither, my lads, with your tankards of ale,
And drink to the present before it shall fail;
Pile each on your platter a mountain of beef,
For 'tis eating and drinking that bring us relief:
So fill up your glass,
For life will soon pass;
When you're dead ye'll ne'er drink to your king or your lass! 
Anacreon had a red nose, so they say;
But what's a red nose if ye're happy and gay?
Gad split me! I'd rather be red whilst I'm here,
Than white as a lily and dead half a year!
So Betty, my miss,
Come give me a kiss;
In hell there's no innkeeper's daughter like this! 
Young Harry, propp'd up just as straight as he's able,
Will soon lose his wig and slip under the table,
But fill up your goblets and pass 'em around
Better under the table than under the ground!
So revel and chaff
As ye thirstily quaff:
Under six feet of dirt 'tis less easy to laugh! 
The fiend strike me blue! l'm scarce able to walk,
And damn me if I can stand upright or talk!
Here, landlord, bid Betty to summon a chair;
l'll try home for a while, for my wife is not there!
So lend me a hand;
I'm not able to stand,
But I'm gay whilst I linger on top of the land!
Stay sane over the holidays, friends and neighbors. We read each other on the other side :)

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