Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Wall is Down

In the last 24 hours I was asked two times, why I had the content warning (people did ask before, but anyway, now I think I should address this). I asked that myself a couple of times. Mostly I wanted this to be a courtesy. You know, I'm still not a native speaker, so, expressing myself in ze English, I will make mistakes. Different languages, different customs and all that.

In Germany, for instance, nudity isn't that much of a problem, gore, though, might be. And the enormous popularity of the word "fuck" shifts to a great degree from place to place. It might be just a filler, it might hurt some sensibilities. One never knows.

Now I realize, this content warning might, on the one side, discourage readers from going behind that wall and, on the other side, give the false impression there might be something dirty behind that content warning. Nope, no dice. It's all pretty kosher.

So, yes, the wall is down. Now I feel naked (not that I'd show a picture of it...).

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