Friday, February 22, 2013

Gorgonmilk's New Community Project (Arcane Unreal Estates)

So Gorgonmilk and Porky came up with this wonderful OSR Community Project:
"Once upon a time, a wizard's tower was a place to be avoided, but no more. Most of them have now been abandoned by all but the most vain of magic-users (I'm looking at you, sorceresses!) for more secretive accommodations. These dwellings may be remote -- located in areas nigh-impossible to reach by non-magical means. On the other hand, they may be secreted under the noses of urban passerbys, hidden away through cunning use of arcane geometries, so that not even the most astute of thieves would suspect their existence. What follows are thirty examples of such unreal estates." (Gorgonmilk, Community Project: D30 Table of Arcane Dwellings)
This was wednesday and I thought I'll have a hard time contributing, because, you know, the community will be all over this. But... not so much as yet. So I thought I'd give this a little bit more exposure to the blogosphere.

Even Dumbledore is starting to get pissed!
(courtesy of memegenerator)
I'm totally aware of the fact that I don't have that kind of pull. But I like the idea of community projects in general and this particular one, because, well, it's a brilliantly weird and somewhat challenging premise.

So if anybody reads this and didn't see the original post by Gorgonmilk, give it a spin*. After all, who would dare to disappoint all those wizards in need...

*Or just read the entry for the Gelatinious Cubicle. Solid gold, right there. And I will use this at some point...

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