Friday, February 7, 2014

Days 6 & 7: A Fate Worse Than Death And The Book [D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop]

I know I'm cutting corners here, but the real meaty questions coem later this month and I hope I'll get a good chunk done on the weekend. Now for the next two questions in the challenge!

First character death?
First D&D product I ever bought?

They never died on me. And that's not a good thing either, because they didn't really have a chance to live to begin with. It's all because I'm most of the time a DM and the rare occasions I get to play a character aren't of the long lasting sort. Well, those that should have been lasting, didn't even develop most of the time. So there is that.

But that question got me thinking. I had a few characters that had potential. Real heart breakers. They had been made, some had even seen some actual play time. I loved them all. Their fate, in my opinion, is worse than any death they could have experienced in the game. They got forgotten and, ultimately, lost forever.
The first D&D product I ever bought had become my go-to reference of the game and is almost the sole reason for my blogging. Behold:

Not that I saw it's potential back in the day. That had been back in the 90's and the decision to get it was because it said "complete" on the cover and I always wanted some D&D book for my collection and that was where it landed for some time.

Funny thing is, I did try to start a campaign with it as we formed a new group. Alas I didn't get into it and after an adventure we thought it was better to switch to another system (which did work so good that the campaign we started had lasted for 5 years ...).

If asked now I'd say I still don't understand the books full depth. Maybe it's not that intimidating anymore and I'm beginning to see where the loose parts fit.

This is a Blog Hop - So get hopping!

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  1. I am also a proud RC owner, it was my SECOND product I ever bought, after the D&D "Black Box."


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