Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Days 25 & 26: Campaigns and Groups [D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop]

Day 25: Longest running campaign/gaming group you've been in.

My longest running campaign had nothing to do with D&D because Midgard had been our system of choice back then. Two out of three fridays for up to eight hours over a 5-year period. Good times, but that group is long gone and disbanded (including all the drama this could entail ... ah well). My cousin is the only player from that time that is still a regular in everything I could come up with.
Anyway, that was my longest going campaign and the most consistent group I have been in and I don't expect something like this to happen again before I retire ...

Day 26: Do you still game with the people who introduced you to the hobby?
Well, no. My brother and I bought our first set of rules when we were 13 after I had learned about those books from magazines and fantasy novels. You could say we taught ourselves how to play the game. I've been doing that ever since, but my brother has lost interest a long time ago (I did get him to play some HackMaster a few years ago, but now he's a father of twins, living 50 km away from where I live, so that's that).
But I still own the book that introduced me to the hobby.

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