Thursday, February 13, 2014

Days 12 & 13: A Fantasy Forest and Hero Quest [D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop]

First store I bought my gaming supplies?
First miniatures I used for D&D?

The first store I bought my gaming supplies from goes by the name Fantasy Forest and is in Mannheim, Germany. And yes, online research revealed that it is still around (which is amazing in it's own right). My last visit must have been in the last millennium. Here are two pictures:

Just like I remember it ... [source]
This was the store where I bought the Rules Cyclopedia! I'm planning on visiting them again some time in the next weeks. For nostalgic reasons and some treasure hunting ...

This may come to you as a surprise, but I'm not a big fan of miniatures. For me they have no place in role playing games where the mind should roam free without visual aids tempering with the illusion. The emphasis the companies put on the relevance of little plastic figurines in D&D was what ruined 3E for me (well, it had been one of the main reasons ...) and made it easy for me to ignore 4E entirely.
If I want to play a board game, I'll do just that.

But I had to try before coming to this conclusion, right? So one of the first sets I looted for D&D (and I guess I'm not alone in this) where the miniatures from the legendary Hero Quest. Here is a picture of the German edition of the game:
Formed my vision of how the game should look long before anything else ...
And that's it for today, folks. The next two questions demand separate posts. And I really should write something else in between. Let's see if I'm up to that. The weekend is fast approaching, after all.

This is a Blog Hop - So get hopping!

Stelios V. Perdios is hosting.

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