Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One Hundred Posts and some Petty Gods Art!

With this one I have 100 posts under my belt and it's time to thank all of you! The OSR is a very pleasant neighborhood for a blogger. Writing and exchanging ideas with the lot of you has been a very nice experience. So a big "Thanks!" to all my followers, those of  you who come by regularly to check what I am up to, those taking the time to write a comment and all those nice bloggers tolerating me on their blogroll!

You're all awesome!

At first I wanted to bore you with a behind the scenes look and blogger stats. I got something better instead. For me it's kind of a big deal that someone took the time to draw a picture of my humble attempt to contribute to a great project. So, not because this is my 100th post, but because Greg of Gorgonmilk fame is such a nice guy, I'm allowed to present some art by Rom Brown for the forthcoming Petty Gods!

Feloren* - Astrayed Patron of the Lost, The Idol of Misdirection

Art by Rom Brown. I love it! That beard especially. Very well done!

I'm all kinds of happy with this one. Greg did an excellent job so far making the Petty Gods one of the biggest things happening in the OSR right now. Without a Kickstarter or some such, just by pure force of will, he managed to bundle the OSR hive mind and he's still putting a lot of hard work into this community project to make it happen. Very inspiring and seriously good stuff. I'm really looking forward to see the final result!

*A description of Feloren may be found here.


  1. Congratulations! 100 posts is a great milestone. Here's to 100 more!

  2. Thanks! Really, I didn't think I'd last that long. I'll try and keep putting content out there :)


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