Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tales of Karek Thel 1 (Teaser)

Today I tried myself on a bit gimp-magic (plus scribus in the end) with the hope to produce something worthwhile or useful for the Karek Thel setting I'm working on. Here's what I came up with:

This could be a cover, right? ("art" is all by me and the gimp...)
I was quite happy with the result and started to ask myself how I'd use this cover (I know, it's an odd way to approach this). So I've decided to collect some of my ideas and house rules in a series of adventure/setting oriented Karek Thel modules. Don't know how long it will take me, but I'll try and get two of them out there this year (one to get going and one for Christmas).

Kobolds & Wasps will be the first one. It'll describe one of the kobold tribes living on Karek Thel and their territory. The cover is just a teaser, not a final version (I might experiment somewhat with the fonts and the content, but the background is pretty much finished...). More as soon as this idea gets further developed. The final product will be a free OSR product, Campaign Agnostic and under the cc.


  1. Good news. I think it's a brilliant idea, especially as a mix of ideas, exposition and rules. If you didn't want to be tied down, or feel a pressure to be completist, maybe it could be more of an ongoing series like Nod? You'd just build an issue from what you have and what fits.

  2. Thanks, I hope so :) And I'd like to see if I'm able to pull it off (as a conceptional work and on the technical side). I'll take it slow and the setting (although small) allows for in depth exploration. I'll frame them as adventure locations in a modular sandbox and go from there. So far I have a few ideas for follow ups (Dwarves and Guns; Mushrooms and Magic; Explorers and Tombs; stuff like that). Basically I'm doing what you're proposing right now: I'm collecting ideas of what I want to have in there and how to make it accessible. It's a fun exercise, I think.

  3. The follow-ups sound solid as well, and fresh too in terms of the combinations, even fresh for just looking at them more in isolation.


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