Friday, November 11, 2011

Mildly annoying players (Part1)

Every once in a while there are discussions about having christian ideals (or something similar thought provoking, really, just insert xy) in fantasy rpgs. And every time I read about stuff like that I would imagine a scene like the following:

Player (wants to stay anonymous): ...and and my fighter Kronkart The Mighty has to be vegan!

DM: But...?! What? ... eh ... Why would he be vegan?

Right answer: Because then he gets SUPERPOWERS!!

Point in case*

Here my imaginary DM would applaud and say somthing like: Bonus points for using nerdy movie knowledge while creating a character. I wouldn't allow superpowers, though. Well, I could offer you pointy ears and infravision...

Wrong answer (in my head, anyway): I'm vegan in real live and I wouldn't like the idea of having my character eat meat, you know?

And the DM in my brain would say: I wouldn't want to hurt any sensibilities, but it's only a game, goddarnit! It's for playing and having fun, you know.

Then I would smile and think about some rules instead.

*If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World yet, I can only recommend it. This movie is AWESOME!!

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