Sunday, November 20, 2011

Choleric Thief meets fat Wizard

As an optional rule my players may roll during character creation (but AFTER choosing a class) on the following table (it's inspired by an Arduin table, but I tinkered a little bit with it):

Character Aspects (1d20)

1-2    Thin (-1 to Strength)
3-4    Choleric (-1 to Wisdom, +1 to Constitution)
5-6    Melancholic (+1 to Intelligence)
7-8    Nimble (+1 to Dexterity)
9-12   Normal
13-14  Serene (+1 to Wisdom)
15-16  Vivid (+1 to Luck/Charisma)
17-18  Brawny (+1 to Strength)
19-20  Fat (+1 Constitution, -1 Dexterity)

If I need some characteristics for NPCs fast, I use this table too. It doesn't change a lot, but it can give a character some depth if the player is willing. Ask the thin dwarf, he'll tell you...

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