Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My RPG Bucket-List (Top 10)

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You know those days where you really, really want to do something but you feel somehow drained, resulting in something like a restless inactivity where nothing seems to get done? I read somewhere that the best way to deal with a situation like this is to shift gears and do something else until you feel that urge again to write and create. Well, every time I get to this point, I'll ask myself what fun things I could do with the time I'm not writing or spending time with the special someone.
When he's right, he's right ... [source]

Most of the time I'll plain end up reading more books instead of blogs and the g+ feed. But sometimes I get the urge to tackle one of my "long time projects", like (I kid you not) finally playing a complete run of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition (first generation xbox). I am right now a level 30-something Dark Elf with around 500.000 gold and a long sword I call Daedric Boomstick as the final solution of all problems (as it deals another 40 to 60 damage of fire damage adding up to 100 with a good hit ...).

I'm really hoping that the game doesn't die on me again (it did already do this to me about three times in the last 12 years) or that I somehow manage to kill someone important for the main quest ... again (like that last time I played, had been level 45 at the time and was on a good run, then I killed the wrong dude) as I'm starting that main quest affair as I write this.

[end of skippable detour.]

And with all that doing nothing, thinking about what I should do and what I could do, I realized that I actually have a bucket list of rpg-related things I want to do. Then I thought I should write a post about it :) So without further ado:

My RPG Bucket-List (Top 10)

1. Trying for 12 years (solo rpg): Finally finishing Morrowind (5th attempt as of now, looking good).

2. Other computer rpgs (solo rpg): Also on the table and waiting to get played through: Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 (tried two times) and Neverwinter Nights 1 (also 2 times already ...). And here you see how far I'm behind in all of this. I won't even start with newer games like this.

3. The published AD&D campaign (as DM): DM a classic published AD&D campaign RAW (or using HackMaster 4e, I don't care that much). Something legendary like the Temple of Elemental Evil-series (started it once, never got behind the moat-house) or the Queen of the Spiders-series.

4. The complete D&D RC campaign (as DM): DM a complete campaign using the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, going from level 1 to level 36 with one group (not sure it could be done, but I'd sure like to aim high with this!). This would be in my own campaign world (nothing published) and house ruled (not RAW, customized classes, mana pools, stuff like that), but a D&D sandbox through and through.

5. The megadungeon campaign (as DM): I'd really like to DM a complete exploration of a megadungeon. It's a love that started with a Rappan Athuk campaign back in the 3e days and was rekindled with giving 3 sessions and a starting exploration of the great Stonehell Dungeon. I'm also starting to think I need to get me some Dwimmermount ... 

6. The RuneQuest campaign (as DM): I love RuneQuest (3e is what I know) for everything it makes different than D&D. And although it is the 4th campaign I'm listing here, it's also a very different set of stories I imagine getting told in a RuneQuest game, maybe with more of a Swords & Sorcery/David Gemmell/Michael Moorcock kind of vibe. I even started a campaign like that years ago, but the players didn't like much how gritty the system turned out to be (I remember one player getting stabbed in a bar fight and being rather surprised about the harsh result ... people also started loosing limbs quite easily) and we switched to something else after only 3 sessions (or something like that).

7. The complete campaign (as player): I got a few opportunities to be a player in one shots or on conventions, but never for a whole campaign. Or at least it never held long enough for some reason or another. I know I'm missing out here, though. This would be more about the right kind of people with the right kind of DM, not so much about what game is actually played or what it's about, as there is a shit-load of games I'd be willing to play (d6 Star Wars, AD&D, HackMaster 4e, oWoD, Cyberpunk, Midgard ... I could go on and on).

8. Going to the source: I guess that's a dream all non-American gamers have, to visit the states and see what's what. GenCon, GaryCon, OSR-Cons, local game stores and burgers are on the top of that list, but interchangeable. Way more important would be to meet the people I met online in real life, maybe even throw some dice with them. Honestly, that would be so nice. It needs to happen.

9. Getting the physical evidence: I love collecting print versions of what our hobby tends to produce. Especially what gets done in our little corner of the internet. It's not so much about the quality, even, it's more like proof that all of this actually exists outside the internet/my brain. But i do that all the time when I have the money and it wouldn't do for a bucket list. What I'd really like to achieve, though, is getting something out there with my name on it. Something I could have printed and pester the grand children with (those I don't have either, but that's a different list).

10. ,,, is probably stupid, but here I go anyway: So this last point could be perceived as somewhat shallow and it's nothing I could really do, actually, but something that should happen by accident. Well, to keep it short, I'd really like to meet someone that knows this blog here and maybe even has an opinion about it. I mean, nothing fancy, really. I get feedback and I've met lots of nice people over the last 4 years, but to meet someone by pure chance that says something like "Oh yeah, that's a blog about old school role playing games, right?" would make me very, very happy. I know, it's stupid. But honestly, once would be more than enough. I'll shut up now.

That's it, folks, that's my rpg bucket list. Nothing of this is easy to achieve, I think, and that's the point. Is it complete? No. I'm not even sure those are the 10 most important. But they are definitely up there. So how about you guys? What rpg related things would you like to see realized for yourselves? 


  1. Being the helpful sort..
    If we can get the timing right you can be a player in any game Im running a campaign of, and you can sort of say you are in an AAIE campaign currently for whatever that is worth!

    Also if you ever make it to the USA I will take you to.
    1> some decent game stores
    2> some excellent burgers
    I can not promise Gen con as I have never been there myself, But my friend Neal goes EVERY YEAR and can help get you any and all information you might need if the time ever comes that you need it.

    Now I know my wife is planning a trip to France an Germany at some point so throwing dice on your continent is also a lingering possibility :D

    Chipping away at that bucket-list one entry at a time!

    1. Thank you very much, my friend :) If you happen to be on the old continent, you are very welcome to stay at our place and we'll most certainly get a game going, too! I'll also have a word or two to say about great burgers ...

      The conventions wouldn't be top priority, but I imagine Gygax's grave/monument would be something I'd carry my dice to (Graceland for gamers? I don't know, the thing needs to happen first and I don't see it).

      Having an American DM in a campaign/game/one-shot actually had been on my bucket-list, so you really already helped me in this one ;) And we do hope that our AAiE!-game will get continued soon! So it's worth a lot.

  2. Haha, great minds think a like "shit-load of games I'd be willing to play (d6 Star Wars" I was just thinking about Star Wars d6 while reading through your list and then I got to this. Yes, need to brush up on those rules so I can play "Operation: Tatooine" with the group after we finish with the first part of the Symbaroum campaign.

    Great read as always Jens, fight on!

    1. Thanks, Matteo! I really like the d6 system. Not enough to hunt down the books and learn the game, but enough to play in it if the opportunity arises :) I've always heard good things about Star Wars d6. And if it's on your list, get the campaign going, man!

      There's lots of buzz right now about Symbaroum. Is it any good?

  3. I managed to beat morrowind, but it took a wicked long time. Be patient and save often. lol.

    1. Yeah, saving often is crucial :) Especially with my first generation xbox ... It's a small wonder that the machine still works! I'm now in the middle of the main quest and it's looking good.


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