Sunday, June 7, 2015

This could be a cover for Lost Songs of the Nibelungs

No time this weekend for anything blog related, so I threw this cover together and thought I'd share. It's not much (all I could do using the Gimp and Inkscape), but I think it captures the atmosphere I want this game to have. Behold:

LSotN should not only a be set of rules but the full package, a free (not sure if I mentioned this before, but what I'm working on here will be free) pdf, even with artwork, if I can manage it ... Anyway, I hope some of you out there like this.

Now back to something completely different ...


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    1. Thanks :) I'm experimenting a bit with inkscape and gimp here. It's pieces of four pictures (all public domain) with something I hope can be recognized as fog. Glad you like it!

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    1. Yeah, there is a bazillion rpgs out there, many of them great and so many are free. So I try to write what I'll use anyway, share it and hope some others will give it a shot, too.

  3. Looking good Jens! The image and the ornamental border thingies looks really good together.

    If I could change anything it would be to move the fog down and make it more atmospheric (thicker at the front, thinner at the back) or remove it all together.

    Move the "of the" text into the middle of the picture and place it on top of something like a solid color square with a nice trim - or move it up or down so that it doesn't hang in the middle of the two larger text on top and bottom.

    The bottom left ornamental pattern box could be brighter as well so that it matches the other three.

    The image is very moody and feels very fitting. Is it related to the books containing the stories that your game is based on? Good work!

    1. Thanks, Matteo! I will eventually sit down and work some more on this and I will keep your suggestions in mind. You are right about the title, the "of the" needs another position and maybe a frame of sorts. Maybe some ornaments left and right of it? Swords? Have to think a bit more about this ...

      The fog was mainly to obscure the tentacles, but I fear they are gone if I whiten the lower part of the picture more than I did. But doing so would make the rest of the fog appear a bit lighter, right? I'll play with that, too, I think :)

      I rather like the different shades on the frame, though. I think it gives it something like a golden glow?

      It's partly related (the frame refers to a scene in the Nibelungenlied), but I went for the atmosphere the game should have instead of directly quoting something from those stories ... Glad you like it!


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