Friday, June 19, 2015

D&D Rules Cyclopedia Combat Strength Evaluation (re-post)

I'm not even sure I posted this or when, but I never made a cleaned up pdf-version of it for all of you to download, so I thought it might be a good idea to release this into the wild ... again. So if you ever wondered how to evaluate the strength of that monster you just came up with, this could help you getting some ideas. Same goes for building very big or very small character classes for the game (if you go with the "damage as HD" routine, mostly).

A quick (re-)introduction

I stumbled across this while doing something else, started cleaning it while thinking and re-reading it and thought, now that I've done this, I might as well post it again. Something that always kind of irked me when reading monster entries, was the fact that there seemed no public reasoning behind the decisions behind the damage those creatures do.

This is especially true with giant or bigger monsters, that should have an immense strength and damage output, crashing trees and buildings as they thrash along. By the way, what is that strength anyway? At some point I thought I should try my hand at finding out if I'm able to produce such a thing for my D&D game. Here it is:

Open in new page or download the pdf to get a closer look.

What else is there to say? Explanation and examples are on the document and I understand this as a rough guideline. You'll see easily enough how it all connects, I think. But as always, questions and comments are very welcome, of course. I'll also give this a new home in the (long neglected) Free Stuff section above ...

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