Friday, March 20, 2015

Bare Bones Combat Example for LSotN and a free Mini-Game

Okay, I get it. My last post was full of random ideas for a somewhat complex system that exists mainly in my head and with a huge abundance of examples. Let's rectify that.

Bare-knuckle fighting in LSotN (a free Mini-game)

The picture you see below is a full grown Mini-Game with all the rules needed to play it and for y'all to try at home and see what I was talking about the other day. It is a very basic version of the combat system I have in mind, just two unarmed and unarmored combatants hitting each other. But all the basic assumptions from Lost Songs of the Nibelungs are there and I'm somewhat proud that I got to a point where the system is ready to make something like this little game:
Please print and cut in half ...
(updated: now v. 0.4, with a How to Play and a pdf
All you need is this sheet, a pencil, some d6 and a d20. This is still a beta version and I expect some minor glitches, but I tested it and it seems to work so far ...

Please, let me know how this turned out if you tried it. Comment section is open for questions and suggestions, of course. A word of caution, though: I might still be a lunatic and this is a huge and public mistake (I'm quite confident it is not, but one never knows). Just humor me and give it a shot. Then we'll see what's what :)


Next up should be a version of this with two armed and armored combatants. It'll basically mean more die drop actions and more options for how to use those dice. After that it's group combat and some talk how experience could improve a fight in this system (example: the trait "feint" will allow a fighter to re-roll a one after actions are declared.

Until then throw some dice and see where they take you. Enjoy!


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    1. Is in the works (maybe it'll end up being a 3 page document, but I'm not sure right now). I'll post it tomorrow and load it up on drop box, too. Where there any problems with it as it is?


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