Sunday, January 11, 2015

Core Mechanics Reference Sheet LSotN 0.1 (work in progress)

Alright, back to Lost Songs of the Nibelungs. I've started collecting all rules I have in mind on a one page reference sheet (it's DIN A3 right now, but printing it in A4 should work and still be readable). What I'm trying to do here, is finding out if it's possible to get a compact overview of the rules on one page. I'm not yet done, but I thought I'd share my results so far.

Beware, this is a test (please open in another window for more details):

Not finished, but almost all rules should fit on this paper
and connect with each other ... (I used inkscape for this)
I expect this to change a lot, as far as the composition of some of the elements are concerned. Printed it on A4 and could read it all just fine, so if I'm not able to put all the rules on there as it is, I'll reduce the fond-size even more.

It's not all I got, but those following the development of Lost Songs of the Nibelungs somewhat closer should be able to get a pretty good idea what I am aiming at here. If you compare what's on this sheet with what I wrote about how Wits will work in the game, it'll be easier to connect all the dots (I suppose).

Combat is still a big construction area. The rest gets more and more concrete every day ...

Questions, ideas and comments in general are welcome, of course.

P.S.: While doing this I started asking myself why not all rpgs have a page like this somewhere to see the system all at once.

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  1. Firt off you had my at Wyrd, that whole idea speaks to me. I want to have to partake in a quest to fulfill my great destiny.. I want that concretely as part of the system.. it's awesome.
    As to system at a glance I think I'll start working on my page ASAP.

    1. Thanks Mark! I hope I can pull it off. It's growing but I dread the day I get to that point where I see a problem and can't process it to be part of the game I have in mind (one reason to make that reference sheet, I think it'll really help seeing where it works and where it goes wrong ...) . Combat will be interesting in that regard :)

      Would be so very cool to see something like that for AAIE! ...


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