Monday, January 12, 2015

Calling Dibs on Names: LSotN Bits and Pieces I (introducing LKotN and LLotN)

Yes, the posts keep coming. As the development of Lost Songs of the Nibelungs is meandering in all kinds of directions, some stuff just needs to be out there so I can move on. Here is one of those ...

I try to be as complete as possible in putting LSotN together. The broader scope is not one of the big issues yet, but when putting the rules together I gotta have in mind how it ends and why. I had decided early on that level 10 would be the maximum of the game, mainly because it's traditionally around that point when play changes perspective in D&D (name-level and all that jazz).

That's all fine and dandy, but what might lurk beyond that? Probably something with rules for domains and mass combat (sure sounds like something D&D would do ...). I really don't know about that right now (okay, I might have some ideas ...).

What I got, though, is a name for the next installment of rules (covering levels 11 to 20) [drum roll]:

Lost Kings of the Nibelungs

And, to go totally batshit crazy on this one, I even got the name for a supplement after that, handling epic level games (progressing the main game from level 21 to 30) [extensive drum solo]:

Lost Legends of the Nibelungs

See what I did there? I'll be busy for years to come ...  Anyway, I'm calling dibs on those two.

Calling dibs, Nibelung-style: Kriemhild shows Hagen Gunther's head
(by Johann Heinrich Füssli, ca. 1805) [source]

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