Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Expanded Petty Gods Art: Call for Help by R. J. LeBlanc, Jr. (Save vs. Dragon)

As those who are interested enough (which should be everyone, really) might know: the Expanded Petty Gods Community Project is under new management. So this is still going to happen and Richard J. LeBlanc is doing a great job (as did Gorgonmilk before him ...). I mean, this is already big and it's beautiful! It's full of great ideas for everyone to use! It got "Old School" written all over it! And all done by the community. So what's not to like? Why not help along the way? Because:

I couldn't draw a picture to save my life, so I'm out (right?). But I have seen things around the blog-o-sphere. You guys can do all kinds of cool stuff! You can do this.

And there will be sad kittens if you don't. Did I mention the kittens? They'll be sad. Who'd want that?

Please don't ... [source]
Seriously, if you got the time and the energy, contribute and get your stuff out there. Help realizing this great community project.


Have a Happy New Year you all! 

Let's get back to the party ...

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