Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Out of the woods - back into the woods ... (plus an adventure hook!)

Me with the neglecting again ... Sorry about that. It's not that I have nothing left to share, it's rather I'm still unable to participate and contribute something worthwhile (unfortunately not for the lack of ideas, but for the lack of time).

Anyway, I'll get out of it or I won't. I really miss blogging on a regular basis and starting a dialogue with y'all, though ... Plus: I got the worst case of Gamer ADD ever. EVER!

Really, it's driving me nuts. I just need to see nice rpg-related art and the mind goes running and jumping like a dog seeing a bone. Sometimes it's not even related to some role playing game, but just a random picture:

If this ain't worth an adventure, I don't know what is ...
See? Could be good for something for a Cthulhu game. But a necromancer dying two days before his prophecy is fulfilled looks good in every game, as far as I'm concerned.

The picture is from a travelling book called Across China on Foot by Edwin J. Dingle. It can be found over at The Project Gutenberg and it's all in the public domain. 

That's it for today. There is more to come, I just can't say when ...


  1. Hey JD!

    Just dropping by to tell you I'm still looking forward to your next update.


    1. Thanks, Charles! That might be just the nudge I needed to get going again :) I'm working on something right now and I think I'll be able to post about it in the next few days ...


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