Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dungeon Robber (OD&D Flash Game)

This is actually news, I guess, because it went online just a few days ago and nobody was excited enough to write about it (at least on the blogs I follow...).

What I'm talking about?

Dungeon Robber (by Paul from Blog of Holding), a free OD&D flash game, using the old Random Dungeon Generation Tables from 1979 to generate a text based dungeon crawl (current version is 1.1, first link gets you there). You have one character with just his clothes and a stick going into a dungeon, very likely to be dead fast or lucky enough to get out alive, level up or even retiring rich and famous. The pure mass of features is just impressive. You can unlock new classes and crawl up to ten levels. It's just beautiful and easy to handle. Honestly, I'm not doing it justice. It's that good.

Here is the blurb from the man himself (source is this post):
  • You can get yourself a pet. Unlike Nethack, you don't start with a kitten or puppy. You have to earn it. If you find a whip, you might be able to tame a giant lizard or a carrion crawler. Some characters might one day gain the capability to raise undead minions. Or, if you prefer human henchmen, you might be able to hire them back in town - once you've built an inn. Speaking of which:
  • Unlike many roguelikes, you can leave the dungeon and return to town. The town's economy is dependent on your success in the dungeon. When you start, there's not much available besides a handful of weapons for sale at the market, a graveyard to commemorate all your dead characters, and a few other buildings. But as your characters loot the dungeon and retire as independent yeomen, wealthy bishops, or even nobility, new buildings will spring up, and new treasures will become available for sale for new characters.
  • The Dungeon Robber game is about what happens before your first game of Dungeons and Dragons, before your character has fighter or wizard skills and can afford decent equipment. But if you're successful enough to retire as a merchant, a thieves guild moves to town. If you retire as a knight, you'll be able to start your next game as a fighter. Eventually, when you've unlocked the four original D&D classes and starting equipment, you're actually playing D&D.
A screenshot to give you an impression. I've planned great things
for Winfield The Greater (and yes, I'm not good with names...).
It couldn't get more old school. It's deadly, but in a good way. There is resource management, risk taking and random death. You can play it safe and avoid (even distract!) encounters. Or you fight everything you see. The thief will pick doors and has a sneak attack and... Well, it's also very addictive. Can't wait to try the Magic-User. And now I stop writing and venture once more into the dungeon.

If you haven't heard of it yet, check it out. It's pure OD&D.


  1. I can't believe you didn't get a few comments on this post. Dungeon Robber is a lot of fun. I've lost a few hours to it and so has my wife. You did an excellent job reviewing this game, and hopefully a few more people discover it through your efforts.

  2. Well, thanks! This game is dangerous! I had an almost spiritual experience with it. And Paul is constantly working on it. I mean, it's version 1.3 already. Love it!

  3. It is a lot of fun! I take breaks from Everquest 2 to play it. It is like having your own Dungeon master there with you rolling his 20-sided (etc.) dice. I have only progressed to mayor on my first character, but, am looking forward to the progression.

    1. Yes it is, isn't it? I just wait for them to make an app out of it. That would be pure awesome :)


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