Thursday, August 22, 2013

Combat-Strength Evaluation by Size & Level for D&D Monsters

I always wondered how they came up with the damage they used for the monsters in D&D (especially the Rules Cyclopedia, but earlier editions have the same problem, I guess). It always seemed kind of arbitrary to me. And I never found a reasonable explanation or a tool for the DM to build a Monster and have some reasonable damage output in the process.

I have been working on this for some time now and thought it is now far enough developed to share. Might very well be crazy and/or wrong, but here is a structured attempt of an analysis, resulting in something slightly different:

It is true to most of the monster entries in the Rules Cyclopedia, but it also alters some assumptions about what big creatures should deal as damage, mainly because they should be stronger. It's also in connection to my last post (weapons don't have a damage value, but a function) and assumes the same goes for monsters (but it should work with every version of D&D up to 3E).

I'd really like to discuss this and it's implications (or errors...). So if somebody is up for it, you're all welcome to give an opinion.

So my question should be: Is this usefull as a DM tool?

If there is need for a pdf, I will provide it of course. But I'll give it some time to breath first (and maybe to change what needs changing...).

[It is under the cc, but I'm not quite sure about the label. Could use the OSR label instead, I think?]

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