Monday, May 1, 2017

Monkey Business is upon you!

I made a thing! It's called Monkey Business and I've talked about publishing this for way too long now. Took ages to complete and it's at least worth the last 20 posts I didn't write, so if you've been following this blog and liked any of my stuff, you might want to go to drivethru and check it out ...

Here's the blurb:
Something steers deep in the jungle. Rumors of a strange drug start making the rounds ... and then things start getting really hairy. Even the cannibals are upset. Monkey Business is best described as a procedural junglecrawl, all pulp and weird and very arcade. Among the files you'll get with the purchase, you'll find 6 files containing:
  • 5 factions, with all the NPCs you might ever need (and it has a dinosaur in there somewhere)
  • exploding goblin hooligans (I kid you not)
  • 160+ random encounters
  • 3.680+ jungle treasures (including quest items!)
  • rules & tools to generate a 790+ square kilometers sandbox (that's about the size of New York City) full with lots of locations and conflicts to explore and encounter
  • rules & tools to generate cannibal villages and all kinds of ruins
  • the complete gorilla HQ, with dungeon map and all
  • lots of cheat sheets for your campaign log
  • plus all kinds of whacky adventure ideas ...
And here's the catch: I'll give you 100+ pages of background and ideas and all the tools I could think of so that you can make it the mini-campaign you want for your group. In true DIY-fashion, I encourage you to take this and make it your own. Or loot what you can and make a run for it ... Either way, if any of this tickles your gonzo, feel free to take a look. And most of all: have fun rolling dice and being weird! 
The system used here is Labyrinth Lord (TM), but it really should work with anything you throw at it (OSR or not), as most of it is pretty system agnostic.
It's all there and more! Hours of play, lots of random tables and all you need to make it happen at the table. I've been talking about doing something like this for years now and it finally happened: I finished something and now it's out there to bring you guys some joy (I hope). So check it out, take a look and tell me all about it!

So that just happened ...

You can get all that goodness here!

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