Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Mines under Karrakas (WIP)

This is a test.

Again I was reckless and announced to produce something in January. It's April now and at least I'm able to show you all something to play with. It's not finished or anything, but the concept is completely there and you could already use it for your own games. But the main reason to post it, is to get some reactions and opinions out of you. First the picture, then explanations:

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I tested this on Christmas and was really happy with the result. There is one more crucial part to this has to do with rolling 2d10 once and it looks like this:

DIY drop die table. Red is the leading die here. Each square is 10 x 10 ft,
the low tip (blue circles) of the die determines the square, the upper tip
(red circles) determines where the the doors are (leading die first).
Yes, this is a die drop table. This is all you need for a complete room description with encounter and whatnot. Let me illustrate. 2d10 can be read as several different results: d10 minus d10, d100, d20, d10 plus d10 and so on. Each number is somewhat different, with a different range and a different possibility. They are somewhat connected, of course, which is most obvious with the extremes. But if nothing else, that's a chance to make this work even better.

But how does it work? All right. You might have guessed by now that you take that one result. Red is the Leading Die with a 6 and green is the Secondary Die with a 7. Position on the drop die chart give size and form of the room (50 x 30 ft) and where the doors are (not yet how many doors are actually there, just where they would be for now). The rest is what's in it, just go through the tables and checking the different results:
  1. 2d10 (13): This has been a public area before (so there might be signs or maps on the walls and all that)
  2. LD10 (6): There are 2 doors here and [2x SD10] (14) one is locked, the other hacked down.
  3. LD10 - SD10 (-1): The room is moist.
  4. d100 (67): There are some rotten tentacles on the floor.
  5. d20 (17): There are some Humanoids doing research in the room (could have something to do with those tentacles ...).

And that's it, all in one roll. There is a lot more to do to make this complete. There will be a random method to generate different excavation periods and how they are connected, a surface map with very dangerous ruins, some wizards from different universities doing research, a proper cut out for the drop die thingie and the screaming stones themselves, doing all kind of weird stuff when brought together. Some of it useful, some of it funny and some of it very dangerous (RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!).

It will take some time, though. Anyway, what you have here is in itself complete and for you to check out and play around with. You could stock a complete dungeon with this, especially when you skip the drop die element and take a random map by, say, Dyson, for instance. Use Random Encounter Rolls from any book you have available (Rules Cyclopedia would be my choice) and off you go. As for the Procedural Dungeon The Mines of the Screaming Stones:

I'll get there, eventually ...

All right, that's it from me for today. Please let me know what you think. I'm always happy to get feedback on those things


  1. Lemme see, I've got
    Hacked open living quarters with one entry covered in graffiti covered in strange vegetation. There's a dirty elf in the corner repeating "ribbet" to himself over and over and my hair has come alive and is angry. There are three green stones which have not started screaming. Yet.

    I think I just randomly rolled up my old college dorm room.
    All it needs is a mini-fridge that's never been cleaned.

    1. Man, I love that elf :) Freaked the players out to no end ... I didn't know until I tried, but it's really hard to come up with 100 weird things. But even the less weird things will, over time, grind down the players to a big WTF?! after some time ;)

      And now that you mention it, I've known flat-sharing communities where it had beed very similar. Replace "elf" with "hipster" and you are there :D Good times. Still got the angry hair, though.


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