Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dirkterwalde: The Cast

Never done something like a session report on the blog, but it needs to get done anyway, so I decided to give this a shot. And maybe it's a good idea to give you all an impression of what our games are like when I'm the DM (you know, because I talk a lot about how to play the game and all that ...). After introducing the campaign last week, it's now time to write a few words about what did actually happen at the table. Enjoy!

Let me start with the group of characters the players created:

The Cast

Vale Viem (Lesser Gifted)

Resident of Dirkterwalde and a witch. She is owner of a successful little burlesque cabaret called Varieté Obscure. It's a front for her coven and helps sheltering young potential witches that got into trouble (shows are on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays).

Emilie Autmn's live performance was an inspiration [source]

She's famous for her burlesque sword-dance performance, quite wealthy and well connected. The social hub of the group.

Favorite line: "It's not a brothel, you morons!"

Jan Jester (Mundane)

Also lives in Dirkterwalde. He's a part-time sales representative for a local meat factory, but his real calling is robbing those who got rich after the fall of the former German Democratic Republic. A splendid specimen, rather athletic and a competent fighter, he's generally referred to as "Captain DDR".

Captain DDR - actually not what the character looks like ...
(with a little help of HeroMachine, the Gimp and Inkscape)

He's shocked by nothing, never surprised and never out of cigarettes. The supernatural powerhouse of the group.

Favorite line: "I can do that." 

Gabriel Zöller (Gifted)

Unemployed psychologist fresh back from university, lived until recently in his parents' basement in Dirkterwalde. Favorite past-times are Ultima Online: The Secong Age and Kendo. So yeah, he's a nerd (and before it was popular, too).

Opinions differ, but I believe he looks somewhat like this guy [source]

He's also a powerful psychic and focused a large part of his studies on the occult. He's the supernatural powerhouse of the outfit (and somewhat of a mummy's boy).

Best line: "Mother!? NOOOOO!"

Kirsten Schneeberg (Lesser Gifted)

A young female inspector from the big city, hiding in Dirkterwalde from her past. She's a troubled character and a loner. Her powers give her visions and tell her if people lie. Very unpleasant, in her line of work and often enough she drowns her nightmares in booze and smokes too many cigarettes.

She's that kind of girl [source]
She just recently discovered that there are others like her and is eager to learn more. The groups connection to law enforcement.

Best line: "His mother?! NOOOOO!!"

Pepe (Lesser Gifted)

A tough gypsy and a trafficker. Earns his keep by smuggling illegal goods across the German-Polish border, ca. 80 kilometers east of Dirkterwalde. His powers allow him the observation of places far away and some protection.

I imagine him to be a somewhat sleazier
version of this guy [source]

He had never heard of the town before, but now he's knee-deep in supernatural events, confronting them head-on and with an attitude. The group's connection to organized crime.

Favorite line: "Got some booze, bro?"

That's it, so far

I really need to keep those things short. Next up will be the session reports themselves, with dark dreams of the future, a solar eclipse threatening the mystical protection of the city, mysterious strangers and some excommunicated up-to-no-good hillbilly Nazi Teutonic Knights. This should have been a horror campaign, fitting this time of the year.

And I tried. I really did.

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