Friday, July 4, 2014

Astrological Signs for Fantasy Settings (Vanilla Version)

I was going through some old campaign notes of mine and stumbled across something I had worked on during a rather spiritual phase in my life: 12 astrological signs for my fantasy campaign with some rune-like symbols for inspiration. I totally forgot about it! Anyway, I'd like to share them ...


The Unicorn

Associated with:


The Fey

Associated with:


The Dryad

Associated with:



The Bear

Associated with:


The Horse

Associated with:


The Eagle

Associated with:



The Fox

Associated with:


The Cat

Associated with:


The Rat

Associated with:



The Dragon

Associated with:


The Raven

Associated with:


The Wolf

Associated with:


There'll be more and I guess the descriptions need some work, but this is what I got so far ...

How to use this, if at all, is totally up to the DM. It might be used to give NPCs some direction and players some inspiration for their characters. Or just as a local believe. Even using it just as a calendar is possible.

I'll whip up a download in the near future.

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  1. Nice - these are really cool, and I can see working them into a game. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Cool, always a fan of runes and have been wanting to work a bit more astrology into my campaign but didn't want to use traditional astrology. Might yoink whole cloth, might just use for inspiration, thanks for sharing.


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