Monday, April 8, 2013

"You don't choose the Soy Sauce,...

... the Soy Sauce chooses you!"

This is a movie recommendation. If you haven't seen John Dies at the End, please do so. It's like Kevin Smith's Dogma had a love child with Philip K. Dick's brain (while watching Supernatural*).
Found here!

- It has a ghost door (with a lovely idea to open it...).

- It has Cthulhu references!

- It has gore, nudity (well, a little, but it counts nonetheless) and a huge amount of zen-crazy!

- It has Soy Sauce!

-It has Paul Giamatti (and that counts for something).

- And it has Highlanders Nemesis, but enlightened and with Kung Fu!

I have to check out the books by David Wong. If there is more of this... ah, damn, I'm in love.

Please report of your experience!

*And after watching Buckaroo Banzai...

1 comment:

  1. Consider it recommended. There's not so much via today's silver screen that I find worth watching, but this has me intrigued.


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