Friday, November 9, 2012

Learning by pain (on xp)

Tucker's Kobolds is one of the most famous examples how low HD Monsters can be a threat to high level characters. The DMs creativity is more of a threat than the basic stats given in the game (and it should be like that, shouldn't it?).

But is it rewarded?

No, not in the game as is. Killing one Kobold (as stated in the the Rules Cyclopedia) gives a group 5 xp to share. 5 xp per Kobold! Highly unsatisfying for a mid-level group, I'd say. But brutally discouraging if they get their asses handed like in Tucker's Kobolds.

Always good to see THE MAN having some fun...

How to change that?

Well, damage dealt (times 20, divided by the number of group members) and taken (times 20, divided by the number of group members) for xp is what I do. Read about it years ago on a blog I can't find anymore. But while googling for it I found this:

Alexis from The Tao of D&D also wrote an excellent post on the subject in 2009! Couldn't top that, wouldn't try.

Go there, read it, be enlightened :)

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  1. System as described works perfectly. Had four years of gaming with it, in three different campaign running simulataneously.


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